Norm Buffalo Liver Meal Topper 110g


NORM'S water buffalo liver is a freeze-dried, single ingredient powder, perfect for adding to kibble, raw meals, lick mats, freakshakes, or homemade dog treats

Buffalo is a novel protein for many pets, making it a hypoallergenic choice and perfect for allergy-prone dogs

Buffalo is low in fat and high in iron, protein, zinc and vitamins B6, B3 and B12

Liver is an excellent source of the mineral copper and vitamin A for eye health

Freeze dried liver is ideal for pets who don't enjoy the texture of fresh liver

NORM's buffalo liver is raw, human grade and Australian

Freeze dried food is at least four times more concentrated than fresh because all of the water is removed. This 110g bag will provide around 40 serves for a small dog or cat, and 20 for a larger dog. We recommend starting with a small amount and

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