Green & Wild's Ingrid's Incredible Insects Insect Powder 165ml


Super sustainable... super eco-friendly... Green & Wild's greenest supplement yet!

This protein powder is not only good for your dog, it is also super great for the environment. Eco-insect is an incredibly high quality source of protein, but at a fraction of the environmental impact of other protein sources

With absolutely nothing added, this supplement is literally what it says it is - simple, honest and 100% pure!

100% ground mealworms

Particularly good for dogs with sensitive tummies and food intolerances. It's rich in protein, good for skin, fur and immune systems

Insect protein production uses 92% less land, 99% less water and produces 99.96% less greenhouse gasses compared to beef farming! That makes this powder super eco-friendly and super sustainable

This is a dietary supplement, use as part of a healthy, balanced diet

Suitable for all dogs aged 6 months and over

Feeding guide per day:
Toy Breeds (1 - 5kg): 0.5 - 1g (1/4 of a teaspoon)
Small Breeds (6 - 10kg): 1 - 2g (1/2 a teaspoon)
Medium Breeds (11 - 25kg): 2 - 3g (3/4 of a teaspoon)
Large Breeds (26 - 35kg): 3 - 4 g (1 teaspoon)

Typical Analysis:
Protein: 71.2%, Raw Fat: 6.4%, Raw Fibre: 2.9%, Raw Ash: 6.71%, Calcium: 0.72%, Phosphor: 0.47%

Feed supervised as part of a balanced diet. Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times

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